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Liverpool Wedding Photography: How Long Does It Take to Get Pictures?

Liverpool Wedding Photography: How Long Does It Take to Get Pictures?

So, you got married just a week ago. And you are ready to go on your honeymoon. You have already packed everything, and even the wedding gown is stored away. Just your wedding pictures are left that you want to get back as quickly as possible. And when you have hired our best photographers for your exceptional Liverpool wedding photography, this excitement is so obvious! Besides, who else doesn’t want to relive that special day of life over again and again?

But where are the photos? How long do you need to wait? Let us tell you!

Time to Wait After Liverpool Wedding Photography to Get the Photos Back

“Hey, where are my wedding pictures?” “When will I get to see them?”
It’s the most common question we get from our many clients via email or call following the wedding day week! But first, you should know that it’s time-taken to get the wedding pictures on your hand, which can be around four to six weeks. And why so, you can find out here:

Wedding photography is just the start of your payment!

When our wedding photographers attend your wedding and capture your D-day, it’s the beginning of what you have paid them for. Taking your wedding pictures is the smallest part of the entire job, and you have to wait to get your photos back until they edit those snaps. And if you have considered our Manchester Wedding Video along with photography, you should expect more than six weeks to have all your wedding memories.

Peak wedding season:

When you contact us during a peak wedding season to cover your special day, expect more time to get the wedding photos back than you hoped. In that case, you better talk to our photographers to ideate when you are likely to have those pictures. Based on their experience, they can tell you how long it can take, especially when your wedding time is at a peak season of the year.


Wedding photographers spend more time editing the pictures than capturing them. After all, over a hundred awful pictures of yours may be there. The experts crop those, edit, adjust the color balance, and give perfection. In short, a lot of work is there once the photos get captured!

We hope you understand why you wait so long to get the pictures! Still, if you doubt our wedding photography skills for such a delay, follow cedar house on Instagram to look over our previous works.

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