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Graduations in Manchester – A photographers guide

Graduations in Manchester – A photographers guide

Graduations in Manchester are big business!

Having shot hundreds of events the last decade (not that many during Covid) I can safely say graduations are one of my favourite things to shoot. I generally don’t do lots of formal overly staged pictures and anyone who if familiar with my style knows I prefer to keep things fun and enjoy creating energetic and lively images. There are numerous photographers around Greater Manchester so any graduate would be spoilt for choice should they wish to cut costs and partner with a recently qualified photographer. I think if you place any value on your graduation images I would opt for a more experienced shooter but I completely understand that sometimes costs can run away with themselves.

Graduations in Manchester - Whitworth Hall
Outside the Entrance to Whitworth Hall

Manchester University Campus

MU Campus is such a beautiful place with lots of great spots for capturing images. Check out my post on Graduation photoshoot for more details about capturing cool images around the campus and also all over Manchester. Having shot so many times in this area I’m very familiar with it and also have a few hidden gems under my sleeve that I believe not many know about.

So how do I arrange a shoot? I would say that 90% of the graduations I shoot are by referral from friends of graduates that have hired me in the past the remainder comes from shooting for larger organisations that sub contract their services to freelancers and that’s where I come in! The chances are if you use one of the large companies that are at the top of google then they will sub-contract the shoot to me or another photographer and carry out the editing themselves.

In reality this short changes the graduate a little as I don’t personally get to edit their photos and in all likelihood their images will be edited by someone in a third world country, as it is more economical for the business to do that. For me I always prefer clients to book direct as I take complete ownership of the shoot and make sure everything is perfect for them and their friends/family.

Location shoot
Graduations are a family affair.

How many locations should I use?

I am often asked this question and that really depends on a number of factors. Firstly what are the main areas you would like to see in your images? Often Graduates have visited a particular area and really want to have some great images to remember their time there. Most graduates I shoot don’t live in the UK, indeed they are coming to the end of their Student visa and are reflecting on their life here in the UK. Graduations in Manchester are a real cultural mix and its important that, that is reflected in the photoshoot.

I have photographed lots of locations in the greater Manchester area and its easy to venture beyond Whitworth Hall to places such as The Northern Quarter, Piccadilly Gardens, Spinningfields, moving away from the centre would be Heaton Park, The Trafford Centre, Salford Quays as well as many others. It all reminds me of what a great city Manchester actually is.

Graduate Jumping for joy
3,2,1 Action!

Are you ready for your photoshoot?

Students having their graduation in Manchester should really think about the lasting memories they are trying to create before choosing a professional photographer. Check out all your options and invest wisely, remember choosing a large reputable company doesn’t necessarily mean better service or images. Often the opposite can apply and I have heard stories of companies being very inflexible with delivering images and regularly trying to upsell to the student. Dealing with me you will get a calm easy going and highly professional shooter that considers it a privilege to be invited to preserve your wonderful day and will put every ounce of effort into ensuring I exceed all your expectations.

For more details about my personal coverage of your graduation check out my reviews below or drop me an email or call. More info on Photoshoot in Manchester

Relaxing phoshoot
Lets have a sit down shall we.

Graduations in Manchester feedback:-

“Steve, the images are amazing. I cant believe we survived the rain and have such beautiful pics. Thank you.

Sheena x”


“All I can say is wow, for some reason the time went so quickly and Farah commented on how easy that was. We love the pictures sooooo much. See u again.



“Hey Steve, Thanks for the pics we love them. We want to get some more in another location maybe next week so will be in touch. Awesome job.



“Hello Ste, 

Thank you for the images, I love them all especially the ones around Salford Quays that was such a great day. It looks like I was on an ocean liner or at the seaside. I cried when I first saw them 🙂 Djamila x”


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