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Professional Videographer VS Amateurs: What are the Differences?

Professional Videographer VS Amateurs: What are the Differences?

Everyone loves to make videos, and that’s a fact. But can they create the cinematic look and feel like a professional videographer? That is what we will dive into in this blog.

From the unusable sound and unflattering visuals to not having any skills in editing, amateur videographers fail in many ways. And they can leave you with a noticeably poor-quality video. As you read this blog, you will notice how a professional videographer in Manchester brings creativity to the table compared to an amateur. So, let’s explore the differences between a professional versus an amateur videographer.

Key Differences Between a Professional Videographer and Amateurs

An amateur videographer does not have the same experience behind a camera as a professional. Wait, this is not it! There are many other differences you don’t know! So, let’s check the points below!

1. Camera Techniques and Equipment

The professional videographer has the proper skill and equipment to accomplish the job outstandingly. Pros use different types of camera shots. And this is what makes a huge difference in the quality of a video compared to an amateur-made video. So, videographers bring a team with years of combined knowledge, be it wedding videography or for other shoots.

Professionals always create an atmosphere that allows them to make something incredibly creative. An amateur videographer may not have the budget to bring professional equipment to the table. Even though amateurs have the equipment, they don’t have the knowledge to properly and safely use it.

For example, professionals spend a lot of money on multiple cameras, tripods, and camera stabilizer systems to create the best videos. So, the pros can easily avoid amateurs’ pitfalls such as shaky footage and a lack of depth and perspective.

2. Editing Techniques

One of the most crucial aspects of videography is editing. Professional videographers spent years polishing and perfecting their editing skills while working within a fixed budget and deadline. On the other hand, amateurs work on a small budget and consider editing an afterthought.

There are many “beginners” editing apps out there today. But why do amateurs still lack complex editing? And this is because they are not trained to know what looks pleasing to the eye. But a pro knows every factor to make the best videos, such as:

  • how to arrange shots in a particular sequence
  • how to eliminate any weird audio clips
  • how to spot a jump-cuts

3. Recording High-Quality Sound

Director Danny Boyle once said in an interview: “80% of a movie is sound”. So basically, if someone does not have the proper knowledge for audio recording, regardless of how the video looks, no one will watch it.

An amateur does not use different tools and techniques when recording high-quality sound. Before filming, the professionals inspect any area to determine whether the surroundings have the proper atmosphere for the videography. Pros can eliminate noticeable background noises that an amateur can easily overlook.

They even use different microphones to record the best possible sound. But an amateur always uses the standard onboard camera microphone, which is not enough to record high-quality sound.

4. The Character of a Qualified Videographer

A professional videographer always desires to perform well at his job. And their main priority is integrity, professionalism, and pride in their work. They make the right plan from the beginning and deliver your vision as planned. In a nutshell, amateurs simply lack skills and expertise. And this means that they cannot produce a professional video.

5. Professional Graphics

Let’s say an amateur videographer made a video that looks a little more polished. But that doesn’t mean an amateur can add some high-quality graphics and final touch.

Unfortunately, a sloppy graphic can ruin the whole mood of any video. So, if you think video graphics is only about PowerPoint, you will miss out on great graphic design opportunities.

But professional videographers have been fine-tuning their artistry since long before video exploded into the hands of everyone. Even their eye can spot an amateur video against a professionally-produced video.

6. Camera Angles

Camera Angels

Another way to spot amateur video is by its lack of diverse camera shots. But a professional knows how to frame things up and look for linear patterns. They spend years understanding when to zoom and pan effectively. Did you ever feel like Woah! how did they do that while watching a film or series? Well, a professional team has the answer and can make it happen for you, too.

Hopefully, you have cleared your doubts about the differences between pro and amateur videographers. So, if you are planning on making a corporate video, branding or marketing video, Ad, film, or documentary, always consider a professional videographer. They will not only give you the best results, but they will make your entire process excellent. For more info regarding this matter, stay in touch!

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