Proud to be a
wedding filmaker

Its all about the dress!

Traveling extensively with the majority of our work being around London and home counties we have been creating artistic wedding films for over 10 years now. We also offer filming throughout Europe and worldwide, so wherever your wedding takes we can film it!! We are a small team who are passionate about our work and look forward to the challenge of new and more exciting weddings.

The best job in the world

It’s fair to say that over the years we have been lucky enough to work with some incredible couples, with their own unique stories. Most have been on an emotional journey and experiencing the joy of their wedding day with them is an incredibly enriching experience. We work hard to convey the feelings and emotions that were present on that special day through to the finished wedding film. We don’t just want to document the day but produce something that will be timeless and continue to provide years of enjoyment by allowing couples to re-live one of the best days of their life.

Cinema styling

At Cedar House we produce some of the most cutting edge wedding videos across the UK. Our business has been running for over ten years now and in that time its been our privilege to film weddings as far away as South America. I have to emphasise we absolutely love what we do and its that passion that really shows through in our work. Our combined skills and progressive thinking allows us to create truly stunning work on a level seldom seen in wedding videos.

Our style is our trademark

Producing high end wedding films is our core business and as you would expect we approach this with a level of professionalism commensurate with the importance of the day and the event itself. Our style is very much reportage and we believe the best footage comes when you, your family and guests are in their most relaxed state and naturally enjoying the day and all the emotion that is experienced during the course of the wedding. Its no small wonder that many photographers enjoy working with us as well as other vendors due to our discreet style of shooting.