The cinematic

Promotional film

Our promotional film options are fully inclusive of all editing and post production and you will receive a file copy for you to upload onto the internet or we can migrate to DVD or Blue-ray if you prefer. You may use this on your website or for other promotional purposes for as long as you like. If you would like to explore our freelance option for shooting or editing head on over to our freelance camera website for more information as well as samples of our work. We really have tried to cover all the bases, but if you have any questions or need further info we’d love to talk you through things.

Live Event:

Many of our clients seek to cover their live event and create a promotional film for future use. We provide a comprehensive service that supports the promotion of their business, and this tends to be the cornerstone for promoting their service or product. Showing its strengths against the competition and marketing it in an uncompromising way in order to achieve that emotional connection with the viewer.

We understand this need better than anyone and our combined skills and experience help us to offer a service which has delivered great results for our clients year after year.


At the heart of our photography service is our personal guarantee that we will provide you with some of the best images possible. These images will exceed your expectations and whether the shoot is live event, glamour, architecture or fine art we excel on all fronts. We plan each photoshoot with great care and make sure to use our time as efficiently as possible. We don’t clock watch and concentrate on getting the job done with a high degree of precision. For more examples of our photography service call or email and lets have a chat!

Of course it goes without saying we use some of the best kit available for your photoshoot. It important to us that we have back-up also and so all media is carefully archived and stored in duplicate. We shoot low light or studio, choreographed or static, shoot for effect or apply effects post shoot . We have over 10 years experience using photoshop and lightroom and are qualified freelancers in Photoshop so you couldn’t have come to a better place. If your looking for a cutting edge production give us a call at Cedar House Productions.


Documentary is a great genre and we have years of experience shooting this type of production. There’s nothing quite like the unpredictability of following a story not really knowing where it will lead. Interviewing is also the cornerstone of a great doc and something which shouldn’t be left to chance. It captures the essence of the narrative and a well crafted interview that is conducted with empathy but with clear direction will help bring the documentary to life.

Our skills in developing rapport with an unwavering desire to get to the heart of the matter and tell the story will yield outstanding results. We also work with talent if you need to create a presenter or filmmaker role and have a high degree of skill when it comes to delivering a team effort together with a spokesperson.

Artistic Feature

Sometimes companies or individuals seek a more artistic representation of their product or service and this really moves beyond the genre of ‘Corporate video’. Its a marketeers dream to create that desire within the viewer simply by showing the product in a different light. A creative/artistic feature will allow you to move away from the bullet points and call to action, opting for a more organic feel, filmic at its core and artistically delivered.

Of course this requires careful planning and an artistic vision that goes beyond a shot list. We would employ film language techniques to communicate subliminal message to the viewer. Nurturing those emotions that lead the audience to purchase, tapping in to what makes someone want something in disregard to the competition and cost. If you have a project that you think would fit this model, call us for a chat. We would love to hear from you.