Moral Panic – The Documentary

An award winning short documentary aimed at promoting the Manchester band Moral Panic

We filmed this documentary at the end of 2011 and start of 2012 in and around Manchester. The general aim was to showcase Moral Panics music and as they had just recruited a new band member, what better way to do this than to show their journey as they prepare for their first gig with the new member. We had a lot of fun making this doc and to be honest it was a labour of love for some of us as we really liked the music. Looking back on the production process now I cant believe we shot steadicam in Manchester’s Christmas market, I think some of the shoppers were a little starstruck while we walked around with full braodcast rig, almost like something of the set of Robocop!

The brief was very open and without the help and co-operation of the lads from Moral Panic we wouldnt have had half the content we had, I will always be grateful for them allowing us into their lives for that period of time. The documentary won a highly commended award at the 2012 IOV awards.

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