A promotional film for Kenross Containers

Cardboard box and packaging manufacturer Kenross Containers have invested significantly over the years in manufacturing and thought it was about time to shout about it!

Cardboard boxes or other packaging material is something you dont think of very often and its hardly surprising we as a nation do throw most of it in the bin. There is a company however that has been in the business for many years, in fact KCL have been making cardboard boxes since 1969. They have based their business at Kippax Mill for most of that time and have grown from just a handful of people to a medium size company that employs around fifty people. The company has been handed down to the second generation now and is run by the Turner family. Darren Turner comments on some of the changes he has seen over the years and how KCL is very much a family business that values its employee and the long standing relationships it his with its customers alike.

The brief here was to show the people that make KCL as succesful as it is, this doesnt detract from the development of the business over the years in fact it is part of it. What it does also is show customers and potential customers the high level of service and quality they will recieve as well as the value KCL places on its workforce.

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