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04. Before Working with us

Frequently Asked Questions

01.What are your charges?

Our prices can be found on our pricing page, for more detail on what is included please see adjacent.

02.How long does it take?

Our turnaround time is extremely quick and we tend to be governed by other factors beyond our control such as availability of your staff/people or premises.

03.Whats your experience?

We have a wealth of experience and our background is broadcasting, we are also film graduates with a proven track record in production.

04.Whats the next step?

Call us or hit the contact button at the top of the page, we’d love to hear from you!.

05.Freelance services offered?

Yes we have crew available for filming only or we are able to offer post productions seervices for an hourly fee.

06.Corporate video pricing, how does it work?

We have a fixed fee for corporate video production which can be seen by clicking the link at the top of the page. The fee is fully inclusive of intro text and closing frame graphics, music using royalty free tracks and in the case of our 2 to 3 minute promo interviews with staff, customers or public. Our shorter 1 to 2 minute promo is aimed at the budget conscious business that wants to use the power of video to sell his/her product or service but wants minimum involvement and disruption in the workplace. Essentially we produce a first draft with both options and the client gets to give it the thumbs up or make one final round of changes in order to make it just the way you like. These are great options to get you started and both videos can be used on your website or mailed our to potential customers on CD or DVD. The only additional charges that may apply are for travel beyond 75 miles of Manchester city centre.

07.Do you have a more tailored option?

For something a little special our pricing starts at £1100, this may involve more complex graphics or animation or a longer production to allow your product or service to be fully demonstrated. Types of production that may require this kind of approach would be training or infomercial videos, documentary productions, CGI or graphics manipulation, voice over etc. At the early stages we would asses your needs and produce a comprehensive quote with an outline treatment highlighting our vision having taken on board your ideas. Following on from this we develop a shooting script and begin the production process.

08.Can you offer photography services?

Yes, we have a vast amount of experience photographing commercially and for the private sector. We also shoot live events which include competitions, shows, theatre and concerts. We use the latest technology and are able to proof and sell images online within hours of shooting. We have a great studio for model or private sittings and have access to some of the best make-up artists around, right here in the northwest. For property or people we offer highly competitive rates and fast turnaround, just call or email for more details.

09.Are you a member of any trade associations?

We are Master members of the Institute of Videography. Master members are required to submit a piece of work which is assessed and marked by a panel of industry experts, when the member achieves the required pass rate he or she is awarded ‘Master’ staus. Cedar House Productions have been Master members since 2007. We are also Members of the APV scoring a high pass with distinction on our membership submission.

10.Are you fully insured?

Yes. We are insured for public liability and professional indemnity.

11.Why use video to sell or inform?

Corporate video allows you to engage the client in a living and breathing environment like no other medium can. It will make your business stand out from the crowd and its extremely cheap when you consider how often you can use it and the longevity. Your video will go on gaining you business night and day and will sell to clients all over the world without you having to move a muscle.

Cedar House Productions offer a complete corporate video production service, from conception to delivery. We work with a wide range of customers with budgets large and small. Some know exactly what they want, others have only a vague idea but rest assured our experienced team will give you as much or as little guidance as you need, keeping you involved throughout the whole video production process.

12.We need a production that runs around 30 minutes, any problems?

A training or information video which has to provide lots of complex information may run up to 30 minutes. These types of videos are usually aimed at a small market, and the desired outcome in not to engage but rather inform, longer video are less likely to sell the benefits of a product or service and research has shown that the maximum time frame to reasonably hold someones attention is seven minutes.

Certainly for impact and to create desire less is more in terms of duration. A high impact short snappy video is more likely to create a sale or to encourage the audience to seek more information.

13.Do we need to prepare in any way for our video production?

As a production company we are used to working in most environments and its highly likely we will have produced something for your industry in the past. We ask you to prepare your premises for filming so it looks its best, we may require a support worker from your staff to show us around, other than that we will try to be as unobrusive as possible.

If interviews are involved in the production these should be filmed somewhere relatively quiet. Access to a power outlet is preferable with space to allow lighting and crew to move safely and comfortably.

As a formality we usually complete artist release forms to allow filming and subsequent use of the footage for your own purposes. Some businesses have these releases written into employee contracts in which case we would ask that filming notices are posted around areas where our crew will be filming.