Dance Show Videography

Dance show filming – How much?

It amazes me that this is literally the first question I get asked when I pick up the phone and have someone enquire about our services, although to a certain extent I can understand it. So let me cut to the chase and give you the info you want.

Right now we have a NO FEE filming service, our DVD prices start at just £9.95 per DVD each dependent on the quantity you order. Dance show videography has never been more affordable. Great quality and service (all our DVD’s are delivered within 7 to 10 days of filming). Filmed in glorious 4K or HD that looks amazing. Check out our examples or call us for more info.

Why do you need professional dance show videos

Why do you need dance show videography from Cedar House Productions? Well you have prepared meticulously, spent days and weeks rehearsing. Gone through the performance in your head and heard the audience applaud. Finally the day has arrived and you walk out on stage and deliver the performance of your life. Everyone talks about it, tweets about it. Even posts a few not so great pictures on facebook. Time passes and the memories of that special day begin to fade until they are gone forever.

It is our belief with all the work you put in whether your a teacher, student or parent, you should never lose that moment where you showed everyone you can do it. We love performance, theatre and dance and go to great lengths to offer a service that is unrivaled in our industry. We equally put a great deal of time into making sure we can provide you with exceptional quality video and/or photography coverage of your show.

Dance show videography

A Dance Show filmed in Manchester

Some of our recent filming and DVD production

As you would expect we travel extensively to cover shows and competitions and although we are based in the northwest the majority of our work is in London and the home counties. We always arrive nice and early for your dance show and do tech set-up so we know we are capturing the show as faithfully as possible. Sound is an incredibly important aspect and we want to give the film a natural feel. A mix of live and powerful music helps create the same atmosphere as you experienced on the show day. To do this we mic the stage for taps. applause, on stage audio. We also take feeds from the sound desk and mix the combined sources in the edit so that it sounds just right.

We have a ton of experience filming and photographing theatre, dance show videography and all types of live performances. At Cedar House dance show filming our camera equipment is some of the best available. Providing excellent low light ability whilst retaining great colour rendition with pin sharp focus. Our service doesn’t stop there, we always use several microphones to capture the best sound possible. From taps on the stage, applause from the audience and also post produce this with a live feed from the sound desk. We really do think of everything.

Northwest dance show

A Dance Performance in the Northwest

About our service

As you would expect our dance show videography service is also first class. We pride ourselves on delivering a quick turnaround. Our lead times are between seven and ten days from filming. Your DVD will be delivered in its own branded DVD case with on disc printing. It will include full titling and credits at the end. We deliver securely using a tracked service so there is never any issue or delay when waiting for your DVD’s.

We can also offer a short backstage montage showing the final preparations before show. For the more adventurous we can work with you to produce your own mini documentary, show casing the work that has gone into your show. Including interviews with cast and crew and the final moments before the curtain call.

Check out some images we caught of a ballet performance this year. Its a beautiful form of dance and if you are are looking for more resources on ballet dancing here is a great place to start.

A Ballet dance in the midlands

A Ballet Performance

Uncompromising quality

One of the more surprising things about the service we offer is the price. Our costs for dance show videography are low compared to the competition. Many of our clients are benefiting from a free multi-camera shoot without any additional cost other than the unit cost per DVD which tends to range between £10.99 to £14.99. Subject to minimum quantity and the number of cameras required. Its no wonder that over 95% of our clients book us to return to film or photograph their performances year after year. We are pleased to say that we have been filming for the same studios for over a decade in some instances.

If you are interested in our service or would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact team at Cedar House Productions by hitting the link and sending us an email or for an immediate response call us on 0161 766 3009 or 07944 111749. We look forward to hearing from you.