Dance Show Filming for professional Dance Show Videos and DVD’s

Dance show filming and DVD production

Cedar House Productions dance show filming for Dance schools, theatre companies, schools and competition hosts all throughout the UK. Our service is unrivaled and we offer  ‘no fee’ coverage recouping our costs on DVD sales alone. Our service can include multi-camera and we can also photograph the show and host the images for secure password protected viewing. Over the years we have covered some of the most prestigious shows in the UK but we also love filming the smaller more specialised performances and no job is too big or too small for us. Give us a call on 0161 766 3009 or 07944 111749 to find out more or drop us an email using the contact form, we would love to hear about your show.
Backstage build up to the Dance Show

Dance Show Filming and Photography

Examples of our dance show films

We film shows all over the UK and often travel to Scotland or London to shoot a show. We prepare meticulously and always go that extra mile to get the best results possible. We have many regular clients that return year after year due to the care and speed of our service. Here is an example of a two camera shoot we did recently.

Filming at the IDF World Dance Championships

We had such a great time shooting the IDF World Dance Championships earlier this year. It was one of the hottest weeks in the year and Eastbourne was like a Mediterranean resort, the temperatures were uncomfortably high. Dance show filming was spread over four days and competitors had traveled from all over the world to perform. I have to say the level of the competition was exceptional and it was clear that many of the competitors had spent years practicing their craft in order to perfect it. We had a small crew with us this year to gather enough footage to produce a highlights reel as well as screen the performances live in the atrium for those that couldn’t get into the auditorium.

Our brief for the IDF Dance competition

Our brief was very simple, shoot the competitors performances and make the routines available to them as well as gather footage of the event and location. We also had to try and introduce an emotional element into the highlight as the IDF championships isn’t without it, as there were numerous languages spoken by all we relied on the visuals to convey message rather than dialogue.

Back stage highlights for your Dance Show

Its a great option to produce a short teaser of the build up to the dance show and unlike many other companies we don’t charge for this service. We can cover dress rehearsal, interviews and the general nervous build up just before the curtain opens. It gives the students something amazing to look back on for years to come, and helps them see how much they have improved over the years as their confidence has grown. Here is a short example of a back stage shoot.


How much does it cost to film a Dance Show

Well we dont make any upfront charges for dance show filming, we do however have a minimum order quantity for DVD sales, we have to do this in order to make it viable. Our requirements all depend on the number of DVD’s you sell, also how many cameras you require but as a rough guide our prices range from £9.95/DVD up to £14.99/DVD. Its a great option and an easy way for you to provide a filming service for all your students and attendees alike. We are very easy to work with and usually turn orders around within 7 to 10 days from filming. Many of our dance show filming customers return year after year because of the high production values we work to. Call or email for more details.

Filming Options

Here at Cedar House Productions we have many options for dance show filming and can offer up to 4 camera coverage for larger shows, or if its a small show we can comfortably film and produce a great DVD with just one camera/operator. We shoot in 4K/UHD or 1080P full HD dependant on the requirements and delivery method. Generally additional cameras will provide a more dynamic edit but its largely dependent on the theatre size and space for filming as well as the size of the show. You can however rest assured whichever option you choose you will get a great product at a great price.

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