British Cheerleading Competition Coverage

The British Cheerleading Association cheer competition filmed in Eastbourne.

Having filmed several of these competition we pretty much know its going to be a lively event. We have covered the Southern classics before and worked at the Congress Theatre in Eastbourne several times for many different events so we knew the layout and had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to get to showcase the events. Cheerleading is such a high energy sport and the talent that has developed over the years in the U.K. is staggering. I think the added benefit of shooting an event like this is the competitors never get tired of being filmed, they always have lots to say and love to be loud.

Our brief was to reflect the high energy, fast pace of the event and show some of the excitement that goes on at these competitions. They are long events, normally lasting over two or three days with lots of action, so it was important for us not to miss a things.

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