Film is our passion, its
what drives us

Welcome to

Cedar House

I think it was Edward de Bono that said “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way”. Its a philosophy we hold onto here at Cedar House Productions. With each new project we handle, be it film, video production or photography, we approach it with a ‘Thinking outside the box’ mentality.

Working with you for the long term

Many of our clients seek comprehensive service that supports the promotion of their business, and this tends to be the cornerstone for promoting their service or product. Showing its strengths against the competition and marketing it in an uncompromising way in order to achieve that emotional connection with the viewer.

We understand this need better than anyone and our combined skills and experience help us to offer a service which has delivered great results for our clients year after year.

Who are we?

We are an award winning small group of creatives situated in north Manchester. We operate all over the UK and have also worked globally, carrying out commissions in France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. We prefer to keep things simple yet elegant. Working with you we develop the brief and bring you a level of production seldom seen in our industry. For us its not just about making money, its about developing relationships and making you successful, which in turn makes us successful.

As a small team of professionals we have some pretty outstanding credits in our portfolio and our clients keep coming back to us year after year. We believe in using the best quality equipment in the most creative way possible. Right from the pre-production stage through to the final edit and delivery. We makes sure your product or service shines. Using the latest techniques and employing dynamic camera movement we capture filmic imagery which when coupled with dialogue or graphics creates that connection that makes the viewer want to buy.