4 Smart Ways to Choose a Place for Filming Professional Video!

Filming a professional video is a challenging task, and where you choose to shoot can make or break the look and feel of your video. And before you film any project, there are several things you need to consider. Such as the script, the filming location, and the main purpose of the video.  The right location frames play a major […]

Graduation Photoshoot

Fancy a graduation photoshoot like no other? Here at team Cedar House we have a ton of experience shooting graduations. Our experience comes from a range of genres so we are not ‘boxed’ in any particular genre. Sure we have experience in portraiture but we have also shot glamour, fashion, live event and many others. Rest assured we can offer […]

Top 10 Best Locations for Photoshoot Manchester

About Me As a photographer and filmmaker a Photoshoot Manchester around the city center is something Im more than familiar with. I have been shooting for a little over 12 years now and covered most of the usual haunts and also some of the less well-known areas. Manchester has a lot to offer the photographer. Whether you’re looking for a […]

Wedding Video Manchester : “The Ultimate Guide”

Why Manchester? You may be wondering why not produce an ultimate guide for a wedding video anywhere? Good question. As a filmmaker of 12 years, I have shot many weddings throughout the UK and also internationally and quite honestly have had a blast. I never take it for granted that a couple has chosen us to film one of the […]

Photoshoot in Manchester

The Sun is shining and my Camera is calling Making the most of the sunshine this week on a photoshoot in Manchester as I headed off to shoot some lifestyle images of model Kristina Jasmine. You can check out her IG @itskristinajasmine. Being a Manchester photographer I tend to steer away from the busy city when shooting lifestyle portraits, I […]

Bromic Heating Customer Feedback Video

Last week we headed down to London for a Shoot at the very prestigious Hide restaurant in Mayfair, Piccadilly. This was a client shoot and we were producing a Bromic heating customer feedback video. Bromic is based in Australia and provides heating solutions for indoor and outdoor venues all over the world. They asked us to shoot this short testimonial […]