Cedar House Productions and photography services Manchester did a fantastic job for Kenross. I have to confess I was a little apprehensive about being interviewed as were other staff members but to be honest the whole process was so easy. No lines to memorise, no rehearsals it couldn’t have been any easier. The crew at Cedar House just got on with the job and we had little intrusion into our working day. We also had some fantastic footage as an end result. I would like to thank the team for making it so easy for us and will without doubt be using your service again.

Why do you need photography services Manchester

The process of planning was quite straight forward. Although we had never embarked on a project like this before I felt safe in the knowledge that having used photography services Manchester and Cedar House Productions we were dealing with consummate professionals. At every stage we were consulted and almost hand held through the process of creating our first promotional video.

As you can see from the short film we are not born presenters but we are passionate about what we do. photography services Manchester and Cedar House Productions really latched onto this and helped us open up in a natural and honest way. I really feel that the promotional video we put together emphasis’s our passion and the commitment we have to giving our customers the best possible service we can.

If you are looking for photography services Manchester and beyond or need a promotional video for your business get in touch with the team at Cedar House Productions. They are highly creative and they combined skills and experience really shine through to deliver a product that excels on every level. Call us today on 0161 766 3009 or hit the contact form link below.


Darren Turner
Managing Director

A huge thanks to Steve and the team for producing the superb DVD for us, you did an exceptional job and I can fully appreciate the work that has gone into the edit. You were pleasant and easy to dela with and several of the patients commented on how relaxed and at ease you made them feel. I wouldnt hesitate to recomend you and will certainly contact you if we have any future requirements.

David Brown
Chair of Trustees

I’m sorry I have not sent this before but we all have to do lists that we don’t do, and this was one of them.  Today is Mark and Fiona’s 1st wedding anniversary and we have just watched the dvd again, althought we nearly know it word by word and what comes next it is still wonderful to watch.  We have seen a few wedding dvd’s but this  is just magical, you captured every single monent of the day.  As I was with Fiona before the service it was great to see all the guests arriving and the events as they were happening, it was very touching especially little monents that don’t mean anything to any else, but a lot to me, such as my mum in her wheelchair being carried up the steps. The black and white clips, especially of them walking across the lawns are like you are re-living a dream. You certainly captured every detail of the day, Marks aunt winking at him before the service began, me holding back the tears, Mark embracing his grandad going into the reception and many many more.  The way you have put together this dvd is truly wonderful, and the finale is the first dance, re-,capturing the day, and the six of us embracing at the end.  What more can I say about your work, we will always have this magical dvd to remind us of the day, which we will treasure always. Thank you so much  Neil and Denise Morgan

Neil and Denise Morgan.
Mark's mum and dad (Mark & Fiona's wedding)