Pendleside Hospice DVD

We had a great opportunity to work with Pendelside Hospice earlier this year, and it was an opportunity we couldnt resist. The Hospice do great work in the community and can only survive with the help of local businesses and individuals in the community.

I think when you are involved with such a worth while cause it enriches your life and I have to say we were humbled by the excellent work all the staff do on a daily basis. Working with Hopsice patients was great and they had such nice things to say about the hospice.

It was quite a challenging edit not least the fact that the Hospice wanted to use ‘True Colors’ as one of the tracks. Anyone who knows music copyright knows how difficuilt and costly this can be but I have to say the publisher and record company were extremely helpful in allowing us to license this on their behalf and I think the end result speaks for itself.