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Airofin Sportswear Brand

Airofin Sportswear Brand

We had such a great time shooting for Airofin, such a great brand and quite a unique clothing line. Whether you’re preparing for a triathlon or an Ironman, you cant help but have noticed that this kit is worn by numerous top athletes. The Airofin Sportswear Brand has a real mark of quality and it was so important for us to re-enforce this quality in the film we put together for them. We had some great locations put together and shot over two days we really wanted the Airofin brand to shine.

Airofin Sportswear Brand

Airofin Sportswear Brand


Unique Visual Elements

One of the key factors in creating that desire for a product is highlighting certain visual elements. With the Airofin Sportswear Brand we really like the cooler tones used in the design and we emulated this throughout the film. With sportwear especially outdoor sportswear its also important to connect the brand to a suitable environment. With the brands association with triathlon events we opted to showcase these aspects in the video as well as cross training. Fortunately we had several great locations in and around Manchester to choose from so it was just a matter of getting the right weather for fresh but bright look.

Triathlete swimwear

Shooting in Manchester allowed us to choose some great location

Timescale for this production

As with all productions time is of the essence and we shot the two days over the course of three weeks. Our shooting schedule was subject to location, actors availability and weather dependent so we certain elements are beyond control. We did however deliver a short 30 second edit after only one day shooting which the client really loved and it also helped us to agree the look we would go for in the final edit. In conclusion it was a great project to be involved and we would love to continue to work with the sportwear sector so if you have any similar project please get in touch. We at Cedar House Productions would love to hear from you regardless of how big or small your project is, we also have a great deal of experience working with all industry sectors and regularly travel great distances.

Contact Cedar House Productions for your next project

Airofin produce a wide range of sportswear for all disciplines.

Commercial photography Manchester

Commercial photography Manchester

Cedar House Productions have been providing Commercial photography Manchester and beyond for several years now. Its been part of our mission statement to provide some of the best images possible to businesses large or small in a cost effective and timely manner. Right at the heart of what we do is our creative flair that allows us to offer a photography service that exceeds our customers expectations.

Commercial photography Manchester

A shot taken for an overseas client

Continued Development

It has taken us years to develop our skill set and provide outstanding commercial photography Manchester and across the UK. Indeed our work has taken us to all corners of the globe. Photographing some of the most exciting and challenging locations, its a task we don’t take lightly. Our years of working in the commercial arena have allowed us to develop relationships across all continents. Gaining access to areas often considered a ‘no go’ for photographers and journalists alike.

Portfolio image for Ellen

Promotional photography image for actress Ellen

Expertise in the Photography field

At Manchester commercial photography we have progressively improved our position year on year. Both from an educational point of view (we now offer training and mentoring to organisations with in house media departments) and also from an investment stand point. We shoot using some of the latest kit including high end medium format cameras, utilising the best lenses and grip equipment on the market. When it comes to offering uncompromising images there is no better choice than Cedar House Productions.

commercial live event still

A shot from the Royal Gala

Cost effective production process

Its a sad fact that many high end production houses now charge a premium for this level of image acquisition. We at Commercial photography Manchester feel that this is totally unacceptable and have never subscribed to this thought process. Constantly monitoring our operating costs we pride ourselves on being able to offer some of the most competitive pricing structures in the industry. We feel the level of service and expertise we provide will give you the customer the edge. Allowing you to concentrate on your core business and not worry about escalating advertising or promotional costs.

If your looking for a great film and photography company to work with give our team a call on 0161 766 3009 or drop us an email. We welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do.

Manchester Photographer

Manchester Photographer

If your looking for a great Manchester photographer in the greater Manchester area, check out our website and images. We have been providing photography services Manchester and beyond for over a decade and have an excellent reputation. Whether you need reportage for an event or formal photography we have the ideal package for you. As a Manchester photographer we also come highly recommended by many large corporate clients as well as small businesses. We also provide personal portfolios as well as glamour and lifestyle photography.


Manchester Photographer

A lifestyle location shoot in Heaton Park

The photography process

In order to make the most of our photography services Manchester its important to consider exactly what you want to get out of your photoshoot. Some questions that should be asked are:-

  • Are you looking for highly staged images.
  • Do you prefer more photojournalistic styles.
  • What is your colour pallette.
  • Do you want location or studio.
  • How much time can you commit.
  • What is your budget.

Answering some of these questions will no doubt help us to tailor a shoot to your specific requirements. This will give you the best value for money and minimise any wasted time on the day.

Portfolio image for Ellen

Promotional photography image for actress Ellen

Cedar House – The competitive edge

It would be fair to say that as a Manchester photographer we have for many years been offering industry leading services which deliver some of the best images available. What many people don’t realise is the highly competitive pricing structure we embrace as part of our ethos. Our portfolio shoots start at a very reasonable £50/1 hour shoot. From this we can edit a selection of images and hand over something which can be used as either portfolio inclusion or for advertising and display.

Many clients return year after year due to the highly competitive pricing and great quality we manage to retain across all levels of our work. From weddings to corporate events through to commercial photography we deliver a consistent and top notch product backed up by our personal guarantee that will ensure your complete satisfaction.

If you are looking for a great Manchester photographer look no further than the team at Cedar House. We will cater for your every need and produce a long lasting memory that will remain a timeless and stylish piece of art for many years to come. Give us a call or hit the contact button and drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Harley Moore in RPB Manchester

A shot from photoshoot with Harley Moore