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Commercial photography Manchester

Commercial photography Manchester

Cedar House Productions have been providing Commercial photography Manchester and beyond for several years now. Its been part of our mission statement to provide some of the best images possible to businesses large or small in a cost effective and timely manner. Right at the heart of what we do is our creative flair that allows us to offer a photography service that exceeds our customers expectations.

Commercial photography Manchester

A shot taken for an overseas client

Continued Development

It has taken us years to develop our skill set and provide outstanding commercial photography Manchester and across the UK. Indeed our work has taken us to all corners of the globe. Photographing some of the most exciting and challenging locations, its a task we don’t take lightly. Our years of working in the commercial arena have allowed us to develop relationships across all continents. Gaining access to areas often considered a ‘no go’ for photographers and journalists alike.

Portfolio image for Ellen

Promotional photography image for actress Ellen

Expertise in the Photography field

At Manchester commercial photography we have progressively improved our position year on year. Both from an educational point of view (we now offer training and mentoring to organisations with in house media departments) and also from an investment stand point. We shoot using some of the latest kit including high end medium format cameras, utilising the best lenses and grip equipment on the market. When it comes to offering uncompromising images there is no better choice than Cedar House Productions.

commercial live event still

A shot from the Royal Gala

Cost effective production process

Its a sad fact that many high end production houses now charge a premium for this level of image acquisition. We at Commercial photography Manchester feel that this is totally unacceptable and have never subscribed to this thought process. Constantly monitoring our operating costs we pride ourselves on being able to offer some of the most competitive pricing structures in the industry. We feel the level of service and expertise we provide will give you the customer the edge. Allowing you to concentrate on your core business and not worry about escalating advertising or promotional costs.

If your looking for a great film and photography company to work with give our team a call on 0161 766 3009 or drop us an email. We welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do.

Business video – Reinvigoration and NHS

Promotional video at its best

We have for many years enjoyed a variety of business video projects. What we have always focused on is the best possible showcasing of our clients services and products.

Though we have shot a number of business promotional videos over the years. Working with Reinvigoration and NHS Shared Business Services was a different experience. Its difficult to quantify how such a large complex business works. Im sure the key to successfully telling the story is to get involved and learn the process from start to finish.

About our involvement

With this business video we filmed a series of short interviews in order to explain the changes within NHS SBS. Michaela Pattison (Deputy Operations Manager) explains how they have recognized the need within NHS SBS to change. She goes on to say that the path was unclear and it became necessary to partner with a specialist in order to create the right process thereafter. We also interviewed the Head of P2P (Jane Searls) and Head of Operations (Peter Etchells). It was great talking to them and getting a feel for the passion they have, which was a driver for their success. We always work with interviewees and try to make them relax in front of the camera. After years of interviewing the key to success is to create a dialogue. Try to make them forget about the camera altogether. Their messages need to appear clean and clear. Throughout the video, we also wanted to show the office as a natural environment. It needs to show people are generally working in and unobstructed way without noticing the cameras in this a video for business.

Insight and more info

If you are searching for some insight about Reinvigoration working with NHS Shared Business Service. This business video will help you understand the organisations ethos and how they work with clients. Some of our best film crew were involved in this project. We produced this short edit as part of a package which included a broader documentary. This showed the process and its impact in more detail. If you are looking to create a promotional videos for your service or products, Cedar House Productions is a great choice. You can hire our highly skilled film crew anywhere in the UK for creative film making and photography for any purpose.

Moral Panic – The Documentary

An award winning short documentary aimed at promoting the Manchester band Moral Panic

We filmed this documentary at the end of 2011 and start of 2012 in and around Manchester. The general aim was to showcase Moral Panics music and as they had just recruited a new band member, what better way to do this than to show their journey as they prepare for their first gig with the new member. We had a lot of fun making this doc and to be honest it was a labour of love for some of us as we really liked the music. Looking back on the production process now I cant believe we shot steadicam in Manchester’s Christmas market, I think some of the shoppers were a little starstruck while we walked around with full braodcast rig, almost like something of the set of Robocop!

The brief was very open and without the help and co-operation of the lads from Moral Panic we wouldnt have had half the content we had, I will always be grateful for them allowing us into their lives for that period of time. The documentary won a highly commended award at the 2012 IOV awards.