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Video for Business – Bars@Yours

Bar suppliers Bars@Yours invested in a short video for business to showcase their bar hire service

Great working on the Bars@Yours video for business. Its quite a niche concept and we had come across a company that offered such a cool service. Imagine setting up an event and organising all the elements that make a great party. For example the band, the catering any additional entertainment, the staff and of course the bar. Well Bars@Yours can take care of the bar for you. They offer a great service where they come and set up one of their super cool looking bars. They then staff it with highly experienced bar tenders and stock up on all the cocktails and beer you could possibly want. Its a great option if your stressed about taking care of other things for your event.

We had the privilege of seeing the guys in action at a recent event and subsequently went on to produce this snappy little teaser for them to use as their video for business. I love the way they run their business and they clearly know their job. Head over to their website and check out some of their offers if your considering hiring a bar service.

Manchester Video

Cant beat a bit of colour and taste!

The evolution of corporate video production

Its interesting how video for business has evolved over the years. As technology has moved on and become readily available there has been a distinct shift in the market. Producing videos like the one we put together for our client is now quite different. The whole corporate video market has become so competitive that customers now demand lower costs and higher productions values. As businesses focused more on marketing through digital media, so did they look for new ways to get more for their money. Thats why we introduced our new pricing policy for small and medium sized businesses. If you simply don’t have the budget of larger corporations. Our methodology also changed and we developed a system that offered fast turnaround times for filming and post production.

Video for Bars@Yours

Great choice of cocktails and beer

Moving in to the future with Video production

Bars@Yours promotional video is a great example of what can be done quickly and for a very low cost when compared to other media production companies. So I guess the question is always ‘Does lower cost mean lower quality’. Well the short answer is no it simply means video production made smarter. There has always been room to improve on production techniques in corporate film-making. For many years there was very little offered by the industry in terms of economical advantages. We feel that at Cedar House Productions we have always listened to our clients and worked with them to achieve what they want at a price they can afford. Without cutting corners we have made video production smarter, giving more to the client in terms of delivery and quality. Our ethos has always been to develop partnerships and if your not happy then we’re not happy.

For more information on our video for businesses please hit the contact link or give us a call for an informal chat. We look forward to hearing from you.

Business video – Reinvigoration and NHS

Promotional video at its best

We have for many years enjoyed a variety of business video projects. What we have always focused on is the best possible showcasing of our clients services and products.

Though we have shot a number of business promotional videos over the years. Working with Reinvigoration and NHS Shared Business Services was a different experience. Its difficult to quantify how such a large complex business works. Im sure the key to successfully telling the story is to get involved and learn the process from start to finish.

About our involvement

With this business video we filmed a series of short interviews in order to explain the changes within NHS SBS. Michaela Pattison (Deputy Operations Manager) explains how they have recognized the need within NHS SBS to change. She goes on to say that the path was unclear and it became necessary to partner with a specialist in order to create the right process thereafter. We also interviewed the Head of P2P (Jane Searls) and Head of Operations (Peter Etchells). It was great talking to them and getting a feel for the passion they have, which was a driver for their success. We always work with interviewees and try to make them relax in front of the camera. After years of interviewing the key to success is to create a dialogue. Try to make them forget about the camera altogether. Their messages need to appear clean and clear. Throughout the video, we also wanted to show the office as a natural environment. It needs to show people are generally working in and unobstructed way without noticing the cameras in this a video for business.

Insight and more info

If you are searching for some insight about Reinvigoration working with NHS Shared Business Service. This business video will help you understand the organisations ethos and how they work with clients. Some of our best film crew were involved in this project. We produced this short edit as part of a package which included a broader documentary. This showed the process and its impact in more detail. If you are looking to create a promotional videos for your service or products, Cedar House Productions is a great choice. You can hire our highly skilled film crew anywhere in the UK for creative film making and photography for any purpose.

Conference event filming Chester

Conference event filming Chester

Conference event filming Chester for Kalzip. The company is the world-leading standing seam roofing and wall cladding system. Over 80  million square metres have been installed worldwide. Their product enables contractors to create innovative, long-lasting, high  performance and low maintenance building envelope solutions. They use aluminium  profiled sheets and other inspiring metal finishes. Kalzip have had numerous of these events (17) and Carden Park has become the go to venue for them and its easy to see why. It really is a stunning place and they certainly know how to look after their customers and delegates alike. It has no fewer than 20 spa treatment areas and a luxurious private lounge including two dedicated relaxation areas. The venue also won the Good Spa Award’s North West Best Spa award 2012.

Why video a Conference in Chester

Its interesting how the industry has moved on over the years. Many event organisers realise that its not good enough just to hold the event and rely on images to recollect what happened. It can actually beneficial from a financial stand point to have your conference filmed. There are several quite lucrative options you could offer such as podcasts. Some organisers provide live streaming of the conference via paid uplink . It really is a very sensible and cost effective way of preserving the content. At Conference event filming Chester we provide all these options along with a great quality final product which you can look back on for many years.

Case Study

Our brief was to capture the day as it happened in very much a documentary style. Having little control over what happened and where. We also filmed several interviews from delegates and sponsors in order to document the benefit of becoming part of the Teamkal network as well as the wider picture of getting together with trading partners.

Here at Conference event filming Chester we would love to work with you at your next event. If you are interested in other areas please check out our other conference filming options. Here at Cedar House Productions we are a full service video production studio that epitomizes the event film industry. Give us a call or hit the contact link for more info.